Fire Up One Last Summer Blast at Your Place

Summer is coming to an end. You may not want to admit it, but it is coming real soon. So beat father time and have yourself one last patio blast. Fire up the patio fire pit and get your place in order. Before you know it, summer will be gone and you’ll wish you had listened to me and had one last summer آموزش بازی انفجار at your place.

Throwing a great party isn’t hard. But, so many people bomb when they finally get everyone’s attention and have the time to get some people together. All you need to know are a few tricks of the trade and you can turn around any deadbeat party.

Things you need to have:

  1. A Good Recipe
  2. Quality Activities
  3. Relaxed Atmosphere


That’s it! You think it’s much harder than that, but I’m going to tell you something. When I was young, my mother went with my father to a formal party. It was thrown together by my father’s boss. Of course, my father was uptight and he didn’t want to make any mistakes. But, my mother didn’t know how to act formal. All she knew was how to be comfortable.

While everyone around the dinner table was forking their oysters out of the shell, my mom was just lifting the shell to her mouth and letting them slide down her throat. You know, the way you’re supposed to do! Despite the fact that my father was urging her to follow suit with what everyone else was doing, my mother wasn’t about to act any different at someone else’s home as she does her own. And the boss agreed.

He shot an oyster down his throat and my mom shared a laugh with him. Before long, everyone around the table was doing it, even my father. They had a great time. Now, that’s they way you do it. Come Monday morning, my father’s boss pulled him aside and asked him where he found a wife who was so down to earth and refreshing. That’s what you need at every party. You be that person and you’ve got it won hands down. So, let’s get started.

A Good Recipe

You don’t have to put out steak and lobster for people to enjoy your cooking. Here’s the recipe of the Potato Boat, a party favorite.

Slice your potatoes down the center and stuff them with butter, onions, peppers, garlic, tomato and a little bacon. Of course, this is a recipe that is up to everyone’s own discretion. So, have at it and put anything you want in there. It will turn out good either way.

Wrap each potato in aluminum foil, but not the way you normally do. You want to give all those ingredients a chance to breathe. So, make a tray with the aluminum foil. Place the potato in the aluminum foil tray and put another piece of aluminum foil over the top. Lock the two pieces of aluminum foil together at the edges by placing them together and then rolling two or three turns. Now, you have some breathing room. Do this for each potato.

Throw some fuel on the fire and get yourself a real flame going. These potatoes are best cooked on the grill outside on the patio where you can talk to your guests while you’re cooking. Give them some drinks and get into chef mode. Nothing is better at a party than someone who knows how to cook, or at least looks like it.

Cook the potatoes at the normal rate of time to cook potatoes on your grill. It’s different for each one, so I’m going to say about an hour. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer depending on your fireplace.

There you have it. Bite in and enjoy. Now, you’ve started your party off on the right foot.

Quality Activities

I’ve heard of some new trends that I don’t mind sharing. But, years ago all I needed was a deck of cards or a few of them if we had more than enough people who wanted to play. Playing Texas Hold ’em could go on until the sun came up the next day. If you don’t know how to pay Texas Hold ’em, play any poker game you want. Just try to stay away from Go Fish. That’s a child’s game and we all know it!

Here’s one of those new trends though. Video games in the living room. Can you imagine? Yeah, it really works best when you have enough room for everyone to see the television and you play short length games. Don’t get into some war game that takes three hours. Extreme sports and fighting games don’t last long so there’s a high rotation through the game. Plus, you can make the loser do some crazy stuff. Clucking like a chicken while standing on one foot never hurt anyone.